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Helmet vs SleepCurve Mattress

Why would you subject your baby to wearing an uncomfortable and sometimes painful helmet, when the SleepCurve mattress is a clinically proven and less expensive treatment for Flat Head Syndrome? While often used, an orthotic helmet requires babies to wear it for up to 23 hours a day. It’s uncomfortable, expensive, and may lead to […]

How to identify the early signs of Flat Head Syndrome

Philip Owen talks about how you can spot the early signs of Flat Head Syndrome.

Causes of Flat Head Syndrome

Philip Owen explains some of the causes of Flat Head Syndrome and how a SleepCurve mattress can help prevent it developing and help with the self-correction process.

Is the SleepCurve Mattress safe to use when my baby rolls onto their tummy?

Parents often ask what to do when their baby rolls on to their tummy and is the SleepCurve mattress still safe to use. When this occurs, it would be true to say that the beneficial supportive effect on the back of the baby’s head is not being employed. Many babies prefer sleeping on their tummies […]

Why would you want your baby to wear a helmet?

Why Would You Helmet your Baby…? Why would you use an orthotic helmet to treat a baby with Flat Head Syndrome, when a SleepCurve Mattress is just as effective? Flat Head Syndrome – also referred to as Plagiocephaly or Braphycephaly, depending on the way the head is misshapen – is a condition found with some […]

Baby Sleep

Thoughts on sleeping issues in babies by Philip Owen D.O. (Paediatric Cranial Osteopath) When asked about lack of sleep in babies at my Children’s Clinic, I usually remind parents that babies not only should, but need sleep and it is extremely rare for a baby not to need much sleep. Much of the growth and […]

Let’s Get The FACTS Out There!

TEN Facts to Clarify and Reassure Parents who may be considering using a SleepCurve Mattress The SleepCurve Company respects people’s opinions, however some comments that have made are misguided, factually incorrect and are misleading for other parents. The comments come from people with a limited understanding of Flat Head Syndrome, SIDS or any clinical knowledge […]

Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Developing Flat Head Syndrome

Do’s and Don’ts to Help Your Baby Stop Developing Flat Head Syndrome and Start Self-Correction DO Understand the cause of Flat head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly) When the weight of your baby’s soft round head is placed against a flat surface such as flat mattresses, car seats, bouncy chairs or even the floor whilst on their back, […]

SleepCurve versus Helmet – as a means to treat Flat Head Syndrome

SleepCurve versus Helmet – as a means to treat Flat Head Syndrome By Philip Owen, Paediatric Cranial Osteopath When I am asked in my clinic to comment about the benefits of helmet therapy compared to that of a SleepCurve mattress, I usually start by explaining the important fact of which every parent must be aware. […]