Is the SleepCurve Mattress safe to use when my baby rolls onto their tummy?

Parents often ask what to do when their baby rolls on to their tummy and is the SleepCurve mattress still safe to use.

When this occurs, it would be true to say that the beneficial supportive effect on the back of the baby’s head is not being employed. Many babies prefer sleeping on their tummies and if your baby does so, there are no safety issues with this, just like with any other mattress.

Many tens of thousands of babies who have used a SleepCurve mattress, have turned over and there have never been any safety issues.

On the other hand, many babies using a SleepCurve mattress are so comfortable when lying on their back, that they don’t bother to turn over, preferring to sleep on their backs, arguably an other additional safety feature!

Whether you have chosen a SleepCurve mattress for your baby’s comfort and sleep, or to assist with head shape self-correction, the SleepCurve mattress will still work for both – due to the fact that the pressure is off the back of the head and the airways are further opened, unlike on a normal flat mattress.