SleepCurve Review by Liza Victoria Salt

Liza purchased a SleepCurve mattress for her baby and the results were amazing! She was so impressed with our mattress products, that she very kindly made this video, to help inform other parents about the experience and the results achieved using the SleepCurve mattress.

SleepCurve Explained by Philip Owen

Philip Owen, Cranial Osteopath, describes why a SleepCurve mattress is the best option for your baby; how it helps prevent and the self correction of Flat Head Syndrome (Positional Plagiocephaly) and the other benefits it offers to aid a better night sleep for baby and the parents/carers.

Benefits of the SleepCurve Baby Mattress

The unique patented design of SleepCurve mattresses are the result of more than a decade of work by Philip Owen, one of the UK’s leading cranial osteopaths, who specialises in treating babies from new-born onwards.

Flat Mattress vs. SleepCurve Mattress

In this short video, Philip Owen talks about the advice given by the Lullaby Trust and Midwives in using a firm, flat mattress for your baby, but also as a result, the increase in incidents of Flat Head Syndrome and how this can both be prevented and treated using a SleepCurve Baby Mattress.

Treatment & Prevention of Flat Head Syndrome

Flat head syndrome, (also known as positional plagiocephaly or brachycephaly) has been on the increase worldwide in recent years.

It occurs when babies spend long periods on their back lying on a flat surface, even one that seems soft and padded like a traditional cot mattress or car seat. Your baby’s skull is very soft and the weight of the head on the flat surface can eventually cause a flat spot to form. Bouncy chairs are particularly liable to cause flat head syndrome.

The patented design of the SleepCurve mattress prevents flat head syndrome by supporting the back, neck and head as if baby was cradled in your arm.

The clever design of the SleepCurve mattress means instead of the weight being transferred only through the back of the head against a flat surface, the gentle curve of the mattress supports your baby’s neck, shoulders and head equally, spreading the weight and so avoiding flattening of the skull.

SleepCurve mattresses can also cure Flat Head Syndrome as proven by independent research conducted by a leading hospital.

SleepCurve Baby Posture

All babies’ heads have a pronounced bulge at the back and in the early weeks the shape and weight of the head is too much for the undeveloped neck muscles to control movement and babies lying on a flat mattress will end up with their head turned to one side or another.

The unique hollow of a Sleepcurve mattress allows the baby’s head to turn more freely, which has benefits for the spine and the muscles around the spine as well as the neck muscles.

SleepCurve Baby Breathing

When a baby is lying on their back on a flat surface, the head is tilted down with the chin touching the top of the chest.

This isn’t natural because it constricts the airways and a baby breathing like this is more likely not to sleep through the night.

A SleepCurve baby mattress allows the head to rest in a natural neutral position with the airways completely clear and babies breathing this way will be more comfortable and more likely to sleep through.

Parents tell us that their babies sleep more peacefully and when babies catch a normal respiratory infection, they are less affected because the airway is in the natural, open position.

SleepCurve Preventing the Effects of Torticollis

Torticollis or wry-neck is an increasingly common condition in which a baby’s head rotation is restricted to one side. The restriction is often muscular and can have a number of causes including during pregnancy or from a strain during the birthing process. Babies who are born from Caesarian Section operation can also develop torticollis.

When a baby can only turn his/her head to one side the weight of the skull persistently rests on the same spot when a baby is lying on their back. Flat head syndrome will invariably start at an early age from this point unless your baby is on a SleepCurve© mattress, ensuring the downward pressure from the weight of the skull is properly supported and distributed.

The curve of a SleepCurve mattress allows your baby’s head to turn freely and spreads the weight of the skull across shoulders and neck. This makes it even easier for your baby to turn their head and use their neck muscles. We strongly support the benefits of ‘tummy time’ for all babies.

SleepCurve Preventing Baby Reflux

Acid reflux or posseting is unpleasant for your baby and is the cause of many a disturbed sleep.

A SleepCurve mattress has a gentle slope down towards the feet designed to help your baby, whilst still being totally comfortable and allowing your baby to sleep in a natural, comfortable position.

SleepCurve Review by Liza Victoria Salt

SleepCurve Review by Gemma Alster

SleepCurve allows Heat to Escape

Your baby’s temperature is very important and care should be taken to avoid overheating.

Ordinary cot or crib mattresses trap the heat against your baby’s body and head leading to discomfort which is why SleepCurve mattresses feature clever, rounded channels so excess heat can escape, leaving your baby comfortable and happy.

SleepCurve Mattress Adjustability

To comply with FSID ‘feet-to-foot’ guidance, the SleepCurve cot mattresses incorporates a repositionable curve that has four levels of adjustability, allowing feet-to-foot from birth up until the child progresses from the cot. As the child grows, the curve can be moved up the mattress, allowing the curve to be positioned underneath the child’s head and the baby’s feet to the base of the cot.

Keeps your baby cooler and more comfortable

Aids breathing and promotes better posture

Clinically proven to prevent and treat Flat Head Syndrome

Reduce reflux for a better night’s sleep for baby and you

Allows baby’s head to be supported and move freely

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