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Flat head syndrome is the name given to the condition when part of a baby’s head becomes flattened due to continued pressure on one spot. There are two types of flat head syndromes in babies. Plagiocephaly – This is a flattening on one side of a baby’s head.

Understanding Flat Head Syndrome

Article written by Philip Owen, Paediatric Osteopath Parents of babies fall into three categories with respect to the understanding of Flat Head Syndrome. Firstly, those who have never heard of the condition and have never seen it. Secondly, those who have have had either first hand experience with a prior child/baby or have seen it […]

Clinical Study at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

SleepCurve Mattress Clinical Study at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital The report on the clinical study of the use of SleepCurve mattresses in the treatment of Flat Head Syndrome (Positional Plagiocephaly) was published in: Here is a section from the ‘Abstract’ “The aim of this study is to document changes in head shape associated with use […]